Forza Street Is Here To Make Your F2P Racing Dreams Come True

Assuming Those Dreams Involve Microtransactions

Forza Street is here! Also, what is it, exactly? The surprise announcement/release two-hit combo is available right now for Windows 10, with an Android and iOS release coming soon. That’s right, this here’s a free to play racing game! Please hold your thunderous applause until the end, if you could.

Forza Street

A quick look at the trailer embedded below tells us several things. First, playing this on your phone will require a fairly powerful phone, given the superhot graphics. Second, the control scheme and the difficulty level won’t be quite as Forza as you might hope. Third, the microtransactions will bleed you dry in very short order.

On the upside, it does look lovely. Also, you can try it out right this second, if the street-racing design philosophy appeals to you at first glance. Like all free-to-play games, there’s no harm in checking it out. Of course it’s pretty likely that this will be just as predatory as all the other free-to-play skinner boxes currently on the market. If nothing else, the graphics definitely have that customary Forza sheen all over them. Perhaps this will be the game that breaks the F2P mold, perhaps it will fall nicely in line. Only time and a quick test drive will tell.