Remedy’s ‘Control’ Has No Microtransactions; “Not Linear at All”

You Can Throw Humans

Remedy Entertainment has been utterly focused on their next braingasm of a game, Control. There are new ideas in the works, and we’ve learned a little bit more about how the experience might flesh out.

In a fantastic interview with GameInformer, Control Game Director Mikael Kasurinne answered several questions pertaining to the design. When asked how linear the game will be, he disclosed “It’s not linear at all.” The story takes place in New York, a building called “The Oldest House,” and players can explore and maneuver as they see fit. While elements of horror do have their role in the level design, the director affirmed that it’s not a horror game.

Fans may be surprised to learn that Control has no difficulty settings. Whether they will be implemented later on is anyone’s guess. The same can be said of a photo mode. On the other hand, many players will be relieved to learn that there won’t be microtransactions. Instead, we can expect paid DLC down the line.

Regarding gameplay, Kasurinne revealed that one of the ability trees lets players throw humans (dead or alive). Throwing objects, upgradeable weapons, and even flight are part of the core experience. When comparing Control’s flight to a game like Anthem’s, the director said Remedy’s flight would be more “controllable.”

Alongside a myriad of weird questions, the interviewer asked how the game will run on consoles. Kasurinne simply stated, “We want to squeeze out as much power as we can from every platform.”

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release date for Remedy Entertainment’s Control. The game may see another E3 before it finally launches, so stay tuned for the info dumps as they come.