Super Real Mahjong PV Pulled from Japanese eShop After Being Lousy at Censoring

Super Real Mahjong PV Removed by Nintendo for Insufficient Censorship

Super Real Mahjong PV has been temporarily removed from the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop for being bad at censoring scenes of nudity. Yep, a Mahjong game.

Super Real Mahjong PV

Originally released back in the days of the Sega Saturn and now re-released for Nintendo’s new machine, Super Real Mahjong PV was designed to reward players for completing levels with 32-bit hentai. Yep, a Mahjong game. The Switch version is supposed to censor these bits, but it’s arguably a very lazy attempt. In scenes of nudity, a light beam censors the characters but it doesn’t always cover up the naughty parts. After reviewing some of the footage (for Journalistic reasons, of course), it appears the light rays are sometimes too thin. Now the game has been pulled because of insufficient censorship.

The game’s publisher, Mighty Craft, released a notice saying that Nintendo has delisted the game for the Switch store due to some scenes with insufficient censorship. This whole debacle has now caught the attention of the Japanese rating board CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization). Yep, a Mahjong game.

Mighty Craft has said it will revise and resubmit the full game to get it reviewed by Nintendo. If passed, a patch is expected to be pushed out that will contain the changes.

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