MMORPG Bless Unleashed Won’t Have ‘Pay-to-Win’ Features

Bless Unleashed Is Launching on Xbox One in 2019

The upcoming MMORPG Bless Unleashed will not have “pay-to-win” features such as gameplay-altering microtransactions and loot boxes, according to Jason Park, the director of development at the game’s studio.

Bless Unleashed

“While we were developing Bless Unleashed, one of the important ground rule we agreed on is not to sell power using cash – no pay-to-win,” Park told TheXboxHub in a recently published interview. “How a player’s character grows and becomes stronger is solely up to the player, and depends on the player’s actions in-game and what experience he/she has. Cash usage does not have any role in this. Since Bless Unleashed is a non targeting action game, even if your gear spec is low you can overcome this through your skills and ability.”

“Based on this rule, in-game currency and cash is separate, and we don’t have plans to use cash to easily enhance gear, or sell weapons,” Park continued. “Instead, we are preparing to sell decorative items like appearance items, mounts, and various convenience items.”

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