We May See a Borderlands 3 Reveal at PAX East in March

Might be Time to Dust Off Claptrap

It’s been a while since we have had a new entry to the Borderlands series. Borderlands 2 came out in 2012 the year the world ended, and the Pre-Sequel came out in 2014, but no new game since then. Last year, we got Borderlands 2 for PlayStation VR, but let’s call that a re-release or a remaster or something. The last game that developer Gearbox released was Battleborn in 2016, so fans are yearning for something new. Back in 2015, Gearbox said that another entry in our favourite cell-shaded apocalypse could happen. Gearbox is also set to host a panel at the end of the month at PAX East where they will be making some reveals, which would be a perfect time for Borderlands 3 news.

Borderlands 3

March 28th is the date which Gearbox will be hosting their panel at PAX East. They say they will be giving us “never-before seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises.” The latest game series from Gearbox to have touched have been Borderlands, Duke Nukem, and Brothers in Arms, from most recent to most distant. We may see some news for the other two franchises, but the most logical choice of reveal would be Borderlands 3. Of course, there is no guarantee that’s what we will get.

Today, we do not usually get our first news of a new game from an event or conference. Nowadays, there are often job listings describing new games, leaks, or social media announcements. Since that has not really been the case, it would not be completely out of the question for Borderlands 3 to be out of the question. It would be a big letdown though. Give the people what they want, Gearbox!

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Source: Digital Trends