The Last of Us Part II ‘Coming Soon’ According to Various Listings

Sooner Than Never, At Least

It looks like The Last of Us Part II is being listed as ‘coming soon’ by several version of the Playstation service. The UK, German and Italian versions of Playstation’s online service all have the Naughty Dog title lumped in with several other confirmed 2019 releases. Probably doesn’t mean anything, right?

the last of us part ii top

On the one hand, this isn’t the same as a release date by any means. On the other hand, we’re not getting this information from some third-party retailer jumping the gun to boost pre-order sales or anything. This is the official Playstation site, or at least several versions of it.

The real question is, if this is legit, when was Naughty Dog and Playstation planning to announce it? Not only are they not making an E3 appearance, but they specified that there will be no events planned at the same time as E3 either. This has been Nintendo’s highly effective strategy for years. It would honestly make sense for other companies to follow suit, but apparently not? Either Playstation has an event planned that I don’t know about, or Wal-Mart Canada is doing all the marketing work again in 2019. Hopefully we find out more soon!