Fly Like Mr. Stark in Iron Man VR Game This Year

Palm Lasers and Motion Sickness

It’s time for the Playstation State of Play event! Moisten those eyeballs and strap in for just, a whole ton of trailers. If you’re in that cool-cat PSVR crowd, know that this will be the year you get to tool around and save the world as Iron Man. Flight! Palm Lasers! Sass! The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Iron Man VR

On the one hand, a lot of that is ‘not actual gameplay’ footage. On the other hand, I’m immediately on board as soon as I hear that palm laser sound. You know the one. There’s also no word as to whether this is a proper game or just an experience.

All indications suggest this will be a rail shooter, which is good news for people who hate throwing up in VR. If you can make a badass virtual reality game without making players move on their own in the game, please do so. I’m less sensitive to the pukies than some, but a man has limits. There’s no release date beyond 2019, but one hopes it’s coming soon. Maybe at the same time as some other, bigger Marvel media project? You can watch the whole dang trailer below.