Fortnite Switch Players Won’t Be Matched With PS4, Xbox One Players Anymore [Update]

Update: While Fortnite v8.10 will automatically match Nintendo Switch with mobile players, users on all platforms can still party up and play together. Likewise, Fortnite will automatically queue PS4 and Xbox One players in the same lobby. Cross-platform play is still in effect. You can read the original article down below.

Fortnite Cross-Play Gets Fragmented; Switch Players Limited to Mobile Pool

Cross-play on Fortnite, while initially praised, has been something of a mess over the past few months, particularly for Nintendo Switch players. Due to frequent performance issues and a 30fps cap, players on Switch have complained that it is unfair to be matched with players on PS4 and Xbox One, both of which offer smoother gameplay and 60 fps. Now with the latest 8.10 update, Epic Games has decided that Switch players will no longer be matched with PS4 and Xbox One cross-play parties.


With the new update, Switch players will now be limited to the mobile pool, essentially putting them head-to-head with iOS and Android users. According to Epic, they “expect an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players.”

While this may upset some players (especially for those that have friends on competing consoles), the Switch iteration just hasn’t been able to compete on the same level. In fact, a bullet glitch was discovered by Digital Foundry earlier this year revealing how higher-performing versions of the game had a major advantage in battle. In short, the gunfire rates dealt more damage per second than the 30fps versions.

It’s hard to say whether pitting Switch and Mobile players together will now level the battle royale playing field. While they all have a 30fps cap now, Switch owners arguably still have the advantage thanks to physical buttons rather than a touch screen for input. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see how players respond.

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