Why Final Fantasy Characters Were Absent from the Kingdom Hearts 3 Story

Our Hearts Long for Them

For a series originally pitched as a Final Fantasy/Disney crossover, there is a distinct lack of Final Fantasy in the Kingdom Hearts 3 story. The entire time I played it, I was wondering: Where’s Cloud? When will I see Leon/Squall? Where can I fight Sephiroth? Right up to the final battle, I hoped, but to no avail. Speaking with Game Informer at the Game Developers Conference, Kingdom Hearts 3 co-director Tai Yasue commented on this matter. “We had a lot of original characters. It’s the conclusion of the Xehanort saga and we really wanted to concentrate on the main storyline of Kingdom Hearts, such as Sora and Roxas, for the example. They’re having all these stories in other games and we wanted them to conclude.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 Story

Game Informer went on to say that Yasue had a lot to hold back, that he “can’t make any announcements just yet” regarding more content. There were some missed opportunities in the different worlds where certain characters could have fit in very well. In the Caribbean world, Final Fantasy XII’s sky-pirate wannabe Vaan would have been a great addition. In the Toy Box world opening, the Verum Rex toy could have just as easily been Lightning from Final Fantast XIII or Noctis from XV. I could go on, but would cry at what could have been.

As far as more content goes, we know that there is indeed more Kingdom Hearts 3 to come. The questions to be answered are when that will be and what it will be. We know that a prominent location in the series is Radiant Gardens AKA Hollow Bastion AKA where all the Final Fantasy characters are. It is pretty heavily featured in cutscenes, so will we get to go there in any DLC?

What Final Fantasy characters would you like to see in KH3 DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Game Informer