Intriguing Sci-Fi Stealth Adventure Evotinction Announced

Please Have a Sweet Retrowave Soundtrack

A studio comprised of former 2K China staff called Spikewave Games have announced a new “hack and stealth” title for PS4 called Evotinction, and it’s got some awfully Kojima vibes going on.

The trailer is pretty chilling and doesn’t give away a whole lot of information, but that lighting and cinematography reeks of Kojima atmosphere and mystery. There’s also an overview of the game from PlayStation that you can check out here:

Evotinction is a third-person stealth game featuring unique hacking mechanics. The developers share an enormous passion for the stealth genre and wish to provide a complex and dynamic stealth experience for players. A variety of hacking skills, environment devices and gadgets provide rich emergent gameplay.

Set in the near future, Evotinction aims to discuss the relationship between evolution and extinction. As technology rapidly develops, its potential threat grows as well. Artificial intelligence, gene editing, and quantum entanglement are just a few emerging technologies that will challenge mankind’s understanding of life and morality. The trend can not be undone, how far will our species go with technology?


Wow, sounds like what I want out of real life! Naturally there’s no release date or further details for this game yet but you can check out the official website here, and keep it locked to COGconnected for more news on the title as it drops.

SOURCE: PlayStation