EA Apologizes for Previously Failing to Take Action Against Allegedly Predatory Sims Player

The Accused Sims Player Has Been Recently Removed from an EA Community Program

A 27-year-old The Sims 4 player who was accused of sexually harassing minors online was removed from EA’s Sims Game Changer program just last week even though these accusations were brought to EA’s attention last December.


The accused player, who went by the username “Dylan Simz”, had allegedly sent sexual online messages to two underage male teenagers last year and, during last December, one of those two boys decided to report Dylan Simz directly to Sims community manager Kate Olmstead.

According to that teenager, Olmstead didn’t respond to his direct message on Twitter so he then went to Sims developer Steve Lassinger, who reportedly declined to help and told him to contact Olmstead again.

This time Olmstead responded and told the teenager that she would speak to Dylan Simz. Afterwards, Dylan Simz reportedly apologized to one of the two teenagers he had allegedly harassed and claimed that he didn’t previously know how old the teenager was. The teenager who received the apology didn’t believe this claim.

Months later, the pair reportedly learned that Dylan Simz was sexually harassing another underage teenage boy so they decided to contact a Sims YouTuber named “Pastel Sims” about the situation.



Last Tuesday, Pastel Sims uploaded a video about the allegations and, last Thursday, Sims General Manager Lyndsay Pearson released a statement that apologized for EA’s past failure to take action against Dylan Simz.

According to Pearson, EA has “contacted the appropriate authorities and given them the relevant information” about Dylan Simz.

“The safety and security of our community is very important to us,” Pearson’s statement read. “So is your trust. We appreciated your shared commitment to protecting this space.”

“The relationship we have with our community and Game Changers is paramount, and something we don’t take for granted,” her statement continued. “We should have done better. We will do better.”

Dylan Simz has yet to publicly respond to these allegations.

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