Apple Officially Reveals Its Game Subscription Service Coming Later This Year

Apple Arcade Is the Game Subscription Service from Apple

After being rumored since early this year, Apple, during their Keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater in California, officially unveiled a brand new gaming subscription. They’ve called it Apple Arcade and it will cater to those who play games on mobile devices.

UK Apple App Store

Rumors surrounding Apple’s gaming subscription service began swirling around after a report from Cheddar, which then led to another report from Bloomberg that stated it was very likely this new subscription service would be announced during the Keynote today. During today’s event Apple confirmed that the Apple Arcade service would be available as a new section of the App Store that’s already available for music, games etc. This subscription service will offer over 100 new and exclusive games from the get go, adding more after release, and it will be available across iOS, Mac, and Apple TV later this year. You can check out their reveal trailer of the Apple Arcade gaming subscription service below.

Much like how the Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now is set up, as a subscriber you’ll be able to download and play any of the games included in the service. While you won’t technically own them without purchasing them, as long as you’re subscribed to the service you’ll be able to play them as often as you like. During the event a wide variety of games from different genres were previewed, all of which Apple confirmed will be available to play offline. Additionally, there won’t be any ads that pop up while you’re playing either.

Apple also revealed another perk of the subscription service is that players with multiple Apple devices will be able to pick up where they left off from one device to another. While there is no concrete release date, Apple did announce that the service will launch in Fall 2019. As it stands right now, the pricing of the service isn’t currently known, however Apple did mention that more details about Apple Arcade will be revealed soon.

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