Anthem Almost Sold out During Its First Week on the Market in Japan

In Japan Anthem Almost Entirely Sold out During Its Debut Week

It’s fair to say that since Bioware’s newest title Anthem released, it’s had a bit of a rough time. From the underwhelming critic scores and sales to the current bugs still in the game almost ten days after launch, the game hasn’t seen as much success as EA might have been expecting. With that said however, it seems like it was a pretty big hit in Japan during its debut week!


Despite the lack of success in other areas of the world, it seems Bioware’s Anthem has performed pretty damn well, almost selling out completely in the first week on the market. According to a recent report from Media Crate, a Japanese retail sales tracking website, Anthem sold nearly 78,000 copies within the first three days following its launch.

In fact, Media Create has reported that this number of copies sold equals to just over 92 percent of its first week shipments. Now it’s no surprise that the large majority of these sales happened to be on the PS4, especially considering in Japan the Xbox One market is quite small. It’s possible that had Anthem not started going out of stock within those first few days, it might have even sold more than what it did. Additionally, the report states that the sales for Anthem are just 10,000 copies under what The Division was able to sell when it launched back in 2016, so that is pretty impressive.


Bioware is consistently trying to make Anthem better, releasing multiple patches, and unveiling a roadmap of the content players can expect in the coming months. Now if you have yet to jump into the game for yourself, you might want to check out our review right here. What do you think about how well Anthem has done in Japan so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!