Tetris 99 Might Be Getting Some More Modes of Play

Tetris 99 Datamine Finds Three More Modes Coming Soon

Tetris 99 launched last week with only a single mode of play, but if a recent datamine is any indication, three more modes might be on their way.

Tetris 99

Dataminer OatmealDome has discovered three upcoming modes coming to Tetris 99 in a future update. The three modes are as follows:

– “Team Battle”: Two giant teams clash. Be on the winning side!”
– “COM Battle”: “Battle against 98 bots. Defeat the machines!” (supports both 99 Battle and Team Battle)
– “Marathon”: score attack -> 200 lines or endless

OatmealDome has found out that Marathon will support in-game achievements and that in-game events will be added in the standard 99 Battle mode. Nintendo will also be giving out a reward, though it is currently unknown. Other findings include a “Tetrominos drop at 20G” setting as well as a line of code showing a max rank of 99, which means players will need 6,820,475 total EXP.

As usual with these types of findings, it’s always possible that plans have changed and the modes were scrapped.

Tetris 99 was unveiled during the February 13th Nintendo Direct. It was released the same day on the Nintendo Switch eShop for Switch Online subscribers. It’s billed as a free-to-play 99-player Tetris Battle Royale game where players compete until one is left standing.

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