Saints Row: The Third is coming to the Switch as the Full Package

From Lowly Gangbanger to Celebrity Crimeboss

I have played all the Saints Row games and in my opinion, the best one is Saints Row: The Third. It has my favourite line in the series, where assassins dressed as scantily clad women crash the Saints’ party. Pierce yells “These hoes ain’t hoes!” That’s the pinnacle of writing, right there. It was also the game where Saints Row really felt like its own thing. The first game was in so many ways trying to be a GTA clone, and it’s still pretty good. Saints Row 2 made a bit of a departure, still trying to find itself.

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third originally came out in 2011 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Come May 10th, 2019, Saints Row: The Third – Full Package will be on the Nintendo Switch. The Full Package is what it sounds like. It is basically the Game of the Year edition, if it had one. It comes will the three main DLC packs as well as all the little ones. The first major DLC was Genkibowl VII, which added some bonus activities that make a meta-game of the destruction and violence in of Saints Row. Gangstas in Space was the second piece of DLC in which the Boss participates in the filming of Gangstas in Space. It involves blowing up alien stuff with alien guns and spaceships. The last DLC was Trouble with Clones, which gives players a taste of the superpowers featured in Saints Row IV.

While the DLC packs were kind of underwhelming, the real treasure is the base game. If you missed it the first time around, definitely pick this up. The soundtrack is pretty sweet, the action is tight, the fast cars feel fast, and the game is just really funny. I didn’t even mention the giant purple dildo bat.

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Source: VideoGamer