Red Dead Online’s 1st Big Update Offers More Gold Rewards and Less Grief

New Law Reaches the West

Since time immemorial, Rockstar Games has updated its online multiplayer titles with endless tweaks and DLC. Today, Red Dead Online has received its first big treatment. As promised, the update, to reduce harassment and serial killers, has hit the Wild West. Alongside some new laws, cowboys and cowgirls can also expect some new gear and guns.

The best part of today’s update is that players can fish without interruption, thanks to the free roam Fishing Challenges – Catch the most weight in fish to beat your competitors. But in all seriousness, to keep players invested in a daily routine, Red Dead Online has received new Daily Challenges. The best part about this is how they reward gold nuggets, the game’s premium currency. Whether players receive gold or regular cash, they can spend it on the ornate double-barrel shotgun or Evans Repeater that just hit every gunsmith’s inventory. Or, they can spend it on some new clothes. Check out the nearest vendor to see what’s new.

“Earn Gold Nuggets and XP for completing Daily Challenges, a new series of wide-ranging objectives covering everything from skinning animals to finding treasure, winning feuds and more,” Rockstar wrote in a news post. “Pull up the Player Menu to see your 7 Daily Challenges that will rotate each day, each challenge earns Gold Nuggets and XP and completing all 7 earns you a bonus.”

As we detailed in the update last week, players will no longer see one another on the map unless they’re nearby. The exception is anyone who stirs trouble. A player who makes a habit out of killing NPCs and other players will appear as a red dot and visible to everyone. Also, beware of bounty hunters.

A small care package awaits anyone who logs in after the download. It includes the following:

  • 2x Potent Snake Oil
  • 2x Potent Bitters
  • 2x Potent Miracle Tonic
  • 2x Horse Reviver
  • 2x Potent Horse Stimulant
  • 8x Poison Arrows
  • 10x Explosive Slug

In the coming weeks, we can expect additional news regarding PvP. A list of Showdown modes is scheduled to arrive soon. Further, PlayStation 4 players will get first dibs to the all-new Open Target Races in which riders try to dispatch one another on horseback.

Red Dead Online is available in Red Dead Redemption 2 which you can find now on PS4 and Xbox One.

SOURCE: Rockstar Games