Analyst Says PS4 May Reach 100 Million Units Sold Quicker Than Any Other Console Ever

PS4 May Just Hit the 100 Million Units Sold Benchmark Faster Than Any Console Ever

It was recently revealed that Sony has sold over 94.2 million PlayStation 4s and though that’s already very impressive, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad has come to the conclusion that it may just reach the benchmark of 100 million units sold faster than any other console ever made.


As it stands right now the PS4 has more than doubled Xbox One sales and is sitting well ahead of both the sales from last generation. In fact, if sales continue as they have, Sony could get close to reaching the sales set by the most popular and successful console ever: the PS2. To put the success of the PlayStation 4 into context though Daniel Ahmad, industry analyst from Niko Partners, took to Twitter to compare the PS4 sales to that of the two best-selling consoles: the Wii and the PS2. You can check out the chart below.

While Ahmad was making this chart he realized that not only could the PS4 get close to the sales set by the PS2, at the rate its going the console could hit 100 million units sold faster than any other console to date. So will the PS4 surpass the record held by the PS2 of 155 million units sold? It’s unlikely, though not entirely impossible. It will however beat the Wii’s 100 million units sold.

What remains to be seen however is whether or not Sony will be able to continue its momentum when the PS5 launches. In recent news it seems there’s hope that the PS5 will feature backwards compatibility as a patent was discovered for the console earlier today.

Do you think the PS4 will get close to the record held by the PS2? How many units do you think Sony will be able to sell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!