Mystery Bethesda Title Appears on Amazon

‘Placeholder’ Looks Promising, Has No Release Date

With Fallout 76 doing so poorly, you’d assume that Bethesda has no cultural capital left to spend. Yet, the business still chugs along. To that end, a mystery Bethesda title has appeared on Amazon. All we know is that Bethesda is still working on new titles. What could this one be, then?


The mystery listing appears courtesy of Wario64. All we know is that it’s probably coming out for all the usual systems, and there’s a link to a cryptic countdown of sorts. Perhaps this is tied to the company’s recently released roadmap for Fallout 76. Or maybe this is a whole new thing? The big question is, will you pre-order this game?

Bethesda hasn’t exactly been knocking it out of the park the last few months. On top of that, the last couple of years have seen a lot of expansions, remakes and free-to-play releases. On that note, there’s not nearly as much impetus to put one’s money on Bethesda as their used to be. Yes it’s a risk-free investment (you can always cancel before the game ships and get charged nothing), but it still requires some faith in the company to start with. This could also be the pre-cursor to like, Doom Eternal or something. Choose wisely, is what I’m saying.