Monster Hunter: World Has Sold Over 11 Million Copies Globally

Monster Hunter: World Has Continued to Sell Like Hotcakes

The monster hunting hit Monster Hunter: World has surpassed over 11 million copies in worldwide sales, according to a recent Capcom financial report. It was reported last summer that the game had reached over 10 million copies in sales.

Monster Hunter: World

According to the report, the PC version of Monster Hunter: World that launched last August “provided a tailwind” to the game’s total sales. We reviewed that version of the game last year and gave it a score of 82 out of 100. We’ve also reviewed the initial console launch of the game.

“While Capcom has done an excellent job in improving accessibility for Monster Hunter: World, the game may still be tough to get into for new players with so many mechanics and features being presented at once,” that review read. “For fans of the series and those dedicated to learning the game, Monster Hunter: World is an experience that can last players for a long time.”

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