King K. Rool’s Not Overpowered, You Guys

If Sakurai Said So, It Must Be True

A lot of people have been complaining about King K. Rool, stating that he’s too overpowered and must be stopped at all costs. Masahiro Sakurai, the game director for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, released some statistics that tell a slightly different story.

smash bros ultimate king k rool overpowered

According to the numbers released by Sakurai in a recent Famitsu article, King K. Rool’s win record is only 51.9%. If you’re talking about Elite Smash, it’s even lower – a scant 48.9% win rate. Far from overpowered, it seems like K. Rool’s on pretty even ground. In fact, no one comes out as especially unbalanced in the stats. The Donkey Kong Country villain only seems worse than he actually is.

That’s not to say that K. Rool hasn’t been tweaked since the game’s release. The latest set of shockingly detailed patch notes revealed that the crowned… crocodile? has been nerfed just the tiniest bit. Actually, 55 of the game’s 70 characters have been adjusted in small ways. So, while Sakurai said that “I don’t really see any need to adjust” K. Rool, the fighter has been slightly weakened in no less than three separate ways. You can read about how everyone’s been adjusted here.