‘Halo’ Showtime Series Has Finally Found a Director From ‘Black Mirror’

It’s Closer to Possibly Happening?

Time and time again, we’ve heard rumbles of the Halo television series. Over the years, it has passed through the hands of some Hollywood VIPs, but the show may have finally found a director from elsewhere. Apparently, Otto Bathurst of Black Mirror fame will helm the new series inspired by Microsoft’s shooter franchise.

Halo 6

Bathurst will direct several episodes and play the role of executive producer. Amblin Entertainment, Spielberg’s studio, is the production company. If Bathurst represents months of searching, then he may have inspired the team with his qualities. Is he right for the Halo live-action adaptation? We won’t know for a while.

Originally, director Rupert Wyatt was set to launch the live-action take on Halo. The announcement came as far back as June 2018, but he dropped out in December of the same year. As a result, the schedule had to be pushed back a few months. With Bathurst in the lead, the series may finally get some legs. Otherwise, we’ll start looking like fools every time we report on possible momentum. The Master Chief was supposed to appear on the silver screen years ago, but the circumstances sound eerily similar to Captain Cutter’s monologue in Halo Wars, “set back after set back… loss after loss made what was going to be a quick and decisive win into five years of hell.”

The sci-fi television craze may never go away, and Showtime and Microsoft may be perfectly poised to grab a huge portion of the viewership. Let’s just hope there’s smoother sailing from hereon.

SOURCE: ComicBook