Jump onto Grand Theft Auto Online to Earn Some Fat Stacks of In-Game Cash for Free

Grand Theft Auto Online Is Giving Away In-Game Money All Month for Free

In a recent post from Rockstar Games, they announced that Grand Theft Auto Online players will be receiving in-game money completely for free all month long. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to get back in the swing of things, now may be your chance.

gta online big bonuses

Rockstar has announced that the most recent update for GTA V will allow players the opportunity to earn fat stacks of in-game cash with one small catch: you have to log in every weekend. Every weekend throughout February players can earn a total of 1 million in GTA$ to use on anything they wish. Each weekend players log in they will be gifted $250,000 in in-game currency that will be deposited into the players accounts the following weekend.

Here’s the announcement from Rockstar Games, “As the result of a class-action settlement with the citizens of Los Santos, Alan Jerome Productions – the fine people who brought you the blood-thirsty hybrid of automotive combat and gladiatorial competition that is Arena War TV – has been ordered to compensate the people of Southern San Andreas with up to GTA$1M each,” Rockstar Games’ announcement said. “Jump into GTA Online each weekend in February and you’ll be awarded a GTA$250K gift that will be waiting for you in your Maze Bank account when you log in the following weekend.”

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Of course this money will go a long way to help purchase the brand new RC Bandito which was also added in the latest update. This is a remote-controlled car that requires players to own an Arena to have a car added to their workstations. If they meet this requirement they’ll be able to outfit the tiny car however they see fit, with a ton of weapons and tools on offer for customization. “The little car with the big payload hits the streets of Los Santos, ready to be customized with a range of explosive surprises including Kinetic and EMP mines, plus a collection of unique visual modifications and more. If you want the pleasure of seeing your enemies flee in panic from a speeding toy car, this is the only game in town.”

Will you be joining in to get some free money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for all the GTA updates!