Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fulfills a Few Harry Potter Fantasies

Which House Will You Choose?

The Nintendo Direct for February just passed yesterday, and it was full of all sorts of new announcements. Among them, we saw the next installment of Fire Emblem which hasn’t seen a console release in years.

What’s so special about Fire Emblem: Three Houses? The devs have always been invested in the lore of their turn-based strategy franchise, and it looks like they doubled down in the newest trailer. Now, unlike ever, players can witness interactions and locations up close. The relationships seem more intimate, now that players are no longer relegated to the top-down view. Moreover, the Nintendo Switch graphics mark the best the games have ever looked. And unique to this installment, Nintendo decided to lean more heavily on player choice.

Whereas its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Fates, had two campaigns from opposing sides (both available as separate purchases), Three Houses introduces three factions that the player can influence. With faction banners that seem straight out of a J.K. Rowling book, the in-game world is richer with possibilities. We have the Adrestian Empire, Faerghus, and Fodlan. These factions spawn the three houses: Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer. Players fill the role of an academy teacher who decides which of these houses to nurture, basically which set of students to lead your army. Each faction has its own set of perks, which may add to the replayability factor.

Historically, every Fire Emblem entry has delivered a dynamic cast of characters. This time around, the player’s influence on their stats and statistics may go further. More amazingly, the story looks like a fantastic mesh of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and anime.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release for the Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.