Anthem Fixes Broken End-Game Loot Just Before Launch

There Goes the Gear

A game that’s always online is always bound to have a few issues attached, and Anthem‘s latest problem proved exploitative for players. One little discovery almost made the end-game grind irrelevant, and here’s how.


Players found a “loot cave” area on the map, a location that spawned chests with level 30 gear. Not just any gear, however, but Legendary and Masterwork tier items. The exploit allowed anyone and everyone to nab the best items without any of the work typically involved, all within the free roam area. It turned into a Monday event whereby early game streamers explored the path via their YouTube and Twitch channels. The map to the chests was later published on Reddit.

BioWare got wise to the exploit and delivered a fix as part of their day one patch. Therefore, no one will scurry ahead of anyone else in the loot game race. Not anymore, at least. Anthem’s community manager, Jesse Anderson, tweeted an update on the matter. “We’ve reduced the chance of high rarity items in non-world event chests in free play. This applies to all difficulty levels,” he wrote.

Anthem’s end-game is officially fair for launch day, so let’s hope that’s true for the rest of the game. Find out for certain on or before February 22nd, when we published our in-depth review.

SOURCE: Engadget