Anthem Bug Sends Players To The Last Level


Quickplay is supposed to be a fast and easy way to get into a game. However, players have discovered an Anthem bug that uses Quickplay to get you into the last mission of the game. Even if, say, you’re not quite a high enough level to survive the last mission.


There’s also evidence that the level indicators are being negatively affected. As in, people are showing up in games with inaccurate levels, further confusing efforts to like, not get immediately murdered in a mission not everyone’s prepared for. It doesn’t take too long to get to the last level, but this is still a little too fast.

Assuming this weird little glitch gets wrapped up properly, will it be enough? Look for our full review of the game this week. In the meanwhile, you can check out some of our other coverage of the game here. Personally, I’ve got high hopes for the game. If nothing else, BioWare is pretty danged good at blending narrative and gameplay in a way their competitors can’t quite match.