Sony Fined 2 Million Euros by Italian Antitrust Authority

The Authority Found the PS4’s Store Information on Its Packaging Lacking

Sony has been reportedly hit with a 2 million euro fine by an Italian antitrust authority for the “lack of information”¬†on the PS4’s packaging for PlayStation Store purchases and the PlayStation Plus requirement for multiplayer modes.


According to the Italian news outlet, Ansa, the antitrust authority,¬†Authority for Communications Guarantees (AGCOM), said that since the info regarding online purchases on the packaging was lacking in clarity then this could “likely [mislead] consumers”.

AGCOM argued that “the need for a PlayStation Plus paid subscription for being able to play [online multiplayer] is not available to the consumer in clear and immediately perceptible [language]” and that this info is conveyed to buyers “with a very small and difficult to read [info], only at the back of the package.”

The authority also said that “the lack and/or omission of the information provided also concerns the [remote process of purchasing games] through the PlayStation Store application”. “During the purchase process it is not highlighted, clearly and from the first contact, the fact that the PlayStation paid subscription is required [for using] the videogame in online multiplayer mode,” part of the authority’s report on the matter read.

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Sources: Ansa, AGCOM report (Page 230)