The Resident Evil 2 Demo Is Available Now on Consoles and PC

Make it Count; It’s Counting You

It’s finally that time for a brief time with Resident Evil 2. As announced by Capcom earlier this month, the official demo is available now for a limited time.

The demo for Resident Evil 2, as noted in our previous coverage, limits players to 30 minutes of gameplay. Yes, that seems extremely brief but the idea is to get a simple slice of the world. It provides players with the opportunity to test the loose remake before it arrives on January 25th.  In its entirety, the game is supposed to have a minimum of 5-6 hours of horrific challenges and exploration.

Word from the grapevine is that the demo is the same 30-minute demo previewed at E3 2018 and other venues. Therefore, there’s a chance some of you have already experienced it through third-party coverage or hands-on time. Nevertheless, if you’re a huge fan of the franchise, there’s no reason not to bloody your hands yet again. Make sure your internet connection is stable, though, as the demo requires a link to remain active. If you disconnect, the counter resumes at the main menu screen.

You have until January 31st for a crack at that 1-shot demo. Download it now on PS4, Xbox One, or PC via Steam. Heck, if you own a PC and console, maybe you’ll get two cracks at the. Or, maybe you have two PSN and/or Xbox Live accounts. Make the most of them.

Happy gaming.