Read. Watch. Play. Alien: Isolation Sequel Teased on Twitter

Who is Amanda Ripley?

Rhetorical question. Amanda Ripley is the daughter of Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley. Amanda is also the protagonist of her own encounter with the Xenomorphs in Alien: Isolation. Yesterday evening, the Alien Twitter page released a teaser of sorts. It is a video that partly shows someone wearing a uniform with “A. Ripley” on the front. Text that reads “Who is Amanda Ripley?” fades in, followed by some screams and growls. Then the tagline “Read. Watch. Play.” appears. What does it all mean? An Alien: Isolation sequel? So much mystery.

Alien: Isolation Sequel

Read. Watch. Play. has tickled the interest of Alien fans. This may allude to different mediums that the Alien franchise can make use of. Obviously, as Alien originated as a movie, Watch very well could refer to a movie, TV, or web series of some kind. Play probably refers to a game considering Amanda Ripley’s most involved title was Alien: Isolation. Mayhaps a direct sequel? Read could mean a number of things. It could be a graphic novel, book, comic book? Maybe it’s a horrible combination of them all: the visual novel. Unlikely, but Alien is known to deliver scares now and then.

Let’s Look at the Big Picture

We should look to 20th Century Fox’s recent decisions for future projects, besides being acquired by Disney. They have secured a trademark for the title Alien: Blackout. Now unless this is for a crossover with Black Ops’ battle royale game mode, we can guess that it may be a sequel to Alien: Isolation. An entirely separate Alien project is also in the works. Instead of a stealth/horror game like Isolation was, this new game is aiming to be primarily a shooter. Since shooters nowadays heavily rely on online play and Isolation was single player, it is likely that they will continue to be very separate series.

What’s your take on the teaser? Are you excited at the possibility of an other Alien: Isolation-type game? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to keep up to date with all our Alien news on our site.

Source: PC Gamer