Rage 2 Director: Microtransaction Plans are a Work-In-Progress

Rage 2’s Post-Launch Plans Are Still Being Worked On

During an official Q&A session that was held last Monday, the studio director of Rage 2 co-developer, id Software, said that plans for microtransactions for the game were still being worked through.

“We’re working through our post-launch plans…our plan is this: We’ve put together our team in such a way where we can be agile enough to steer into what people want more of,” explained the studio director, Tim Willits.

“One of the problems that [developer] teams have is they line up all this DLC content and then they find out that everyone wants something else and [they become] stuck,” he said. “So we’re still working through that.”

“I know for sure that we’ll have some free updates–we’ll have some paid updates–but exactly how we lay that out, we still are working through it,” he added.

Willits confirmed in an interview with GameStar last year that there weren’t going to be lootboxes in Rage 2 but that doesn’t guarantee that microtransactions won’t be available for the game.

Rage 2

Willits also spoke about Rage 2’s side content and how its factions will work during the Q&A. Though the developer team hasn’t timed how long it takes to do all the side content, Willits said that he anticipates “people will spend more time doing the side stuff than the main missions”.

He also confirmed to COGconnected that the protagonist of Rage 2, a ranger named Walker, will only be able to side with non-bandit factions in the game.

“No…the bandit factions are all bad,” Willits answered when he was asked if players could side with other factions. “They fight differently and they live in different parts of the [game world]. But you work with…the settlers in Gunbarrel, Vineland, and Laguna but [the player] is not going to turn a faction good.”

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Rage 2 is scheduled to launch on May 14th for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.