The Problem with Red Dead Redemption 2, According to Ex-Naughty Dog Director

It’s Robust yet Linear

Nominated for and winner of multiple awards in the realm of game design and storytelling, Red Dead Redemption 2 helped make 2018 a stellar year for the industry. It was well received, critically, but the public hasn’t been so eager to sing its praises. Though it’s a technical marvel, fans and even fellow game designers found some glaring issues. More recently, an ex-Naughty Dog director.

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Bruce Straley, who helmed such projects as The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, humbly offered his take on Rockstar’s Western. Over on Twitter, he shared a few comments on the game’s hyper-linearity. Red Dead Redemption 2 goes out of its way to make players follow specific paths in story missions, a fact Straley couldn’t help but note. “They need me to do what the story requires & continually remove my choices,” he wrote.


And many would agree. A YouTube video by NakeJakey, which currently sits at 2.5 million views and a high like-to-dislike ratio, shares the same stance as Straley, The video, titled “Rockstar’s Game Design is Outdated,” criticizes the game for its lack of player freedom. The Naughty Dog director echoed the sentiment in an exchange with software engineer Matthew Gallant.

Do you agree with Straley’s comments? I’m sure he, like many who’ve voiced their opinions on the game, don’t mean to take anything away from Rockstar’s achievements. Feel free to comment your own thoughts down below.