Got a PlayStation VR? Then Make Sure You Download This Free “Demo Disc”

Nine PlayStation VR Demos Are Included

PlayStation VR owners starved for things to play now have a new “demo disc” to download from the PlayStation Store. While not actually a true demo disc (duh!), this free download is just over 13GB and includes previews of nine VR games to test out.

Moss Review

There’s a decent variety of games here, and some of them are pretty good too. The demos are for the following games:

• ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission (JAPAN Studio)
• Battlezone (Rebellion)
• Headmaster (Frame Interactive)
• Job Simulator (OWLCHEMY LABS)
• Moss (Polyarc)
• KITCHEN (Capcom CO., LTD.)
• The Persistence (Firesprite)
• Thumper (Drool)

Obviously, in order to play these, you’re going to need a PS VR headset, as well as a PlayStation Camera. You may also want to dust off your PlayStation Move controllers so you can enjoy Superhot VR and Job Simulator (both come highly recommended!). In our review for Astro Bot Rescue Mission, we said it’s “more than an extension of flat screen platforming, it is the next evolutionary step that all family members will enjoy” before rewarding it with a 90/100.

astro bot rescue mission top

Here’s a snippet from our review for Moss too:

“Moss will enchant you and win you over with its undeniable charm, artistic beauty, and the well-crafted 3D world. You’ll fall in love with Quill, whose tiny frame packs a big heart that will leave you sad to say goodbye to her by game’s end. This is possibly one of the first VR games I have played where I can honestly say that by strapping on my VR headset, I felt like I was escaping into a truly real, alternate world. This is one VR bedtime story that you’ll never want to put down.”

On a side note, even if you don’t yet own a PS VR, you can still download this demo disc for safekeeping for when you do decide to pick one up.

Are you going to give these demos a whirl? Let us know in the comments below.