Movie Poster Rips Off The Last Of Us

Like Twins With Different Hair Cuts

The Last Of Us is a pretty iconic game, all things considered. A modern masterpiece of interactive cinema/gaming/awful heartbreak, it makes sense that the game would influence the next wave of creative types. The poster for What Still Remains is a little too familiar to be an homage, however.

poster rips off TLOU

Neil Druckmann, the vice president of Naughty Dog Studios, was alerted to this curious bit of marketing this week via Twitter. His reaction was one of baffled amusement, though others are pretty sure a lawsuit is coming. You gotta protect that copyright, after all. The poster (pictured above) is a dead ringer for TLOU’s own marketing material.

The movie itself isn’t borrowing from Naughty Dog’s game, though the poster rips off TLOU is pretty spectacular fashion. Regardless of what people are muttering about, I’m not sure that Druckmann’s studio has enough here for actual legal action to take place. If anything, people pointing this out are likely bringing the film more publicity than the actual poster. Of course I’m not a lawyer or anything, what the hell do I know? Maybe Naughty Dog will litigate these guys into the stone age. Only time will tell.