Metro Exodus’ Publisher Isn’t Worried About the Game’s Crowded Launch Window

Metro Exodus Is Facing Off Against Some Heavy Hitters in February

Metro Exodus is launching on February 15th, which is the same day that Ubisoft’s Far Cry New Dawn and Microsoft’s first big title of 2019, Crackdown 3, comes out. There’s also BioWare’s latest game, Anthem, which is coming out on February 22nd.

Is Metro Exodus’ publisher, Deep Silver, worried about all this competition? According to Deep Silver’s global brand management boss, the publisher is “confident Metro has an audience that’s been looking forward to this for a long time.”

Metro Exodus

“You could say maybe that Far Cry is a competitor because it’s also post-apocalyptic, but I think that’s quite a shallow comparison,” said Huw Beynon to in a recently published interview. “I think people will recognise that Metro’s going to offer them that rich, believable world with deep storytelling. We have the benefit of working with Dmitry Glukhovsky and all the literary pedigree he brings to it. We’re a very different style of game to anything that’s coming out once you look beneath the surface.”

Beynon also said that while he couldn’t reveal Deep Silver’s sales expectations for Metro Exodus, he said that he “would be extremely surprised if it didn’t perform better than the previous [Metro games].”

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