Dark Devotion RPG Sidescroller is an Evolution of Castlevania

It’s a Hard Game With Hard Boss Battles, Like Another Franchise…

Another calculated RPG, Dark Devotion, is scheduled to arrive for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Today, publisher Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop have decided to give us a new glimpse of gameplay for the sidescroller.

Fair bit of warning, Dark Devotion gameplay is far more difficult than your standard RPG. You have a pixel sidescroller with a macabre aesthetic, though the action accelerates beyond the capacity of an old console. The retro appearance does nothing to slow down the litany of boss battles and traversal. Hence, players must equip themselves with weapons as well as quick reflexes.

Revealed in a press release, “Dark Devotion encourages adventurers to explore and experiment with caution; traps and ghoulish enemies stand ready to punish a careless pace, and favoring the wrong weapon could bring a staunch disadvantage in its style of weighty, calculated combat.” Like the harrowing combat, each set piece is designed to inspire a sense of dread. I know I sound like a broken record, but the atmosphere very much resembles the uncanny ideas of a From Software game. Throw in some Castlevania and you have a very interesting experience called Dark Devotion.

The worst bit of news for the day is that Dark Devotion has no release date, but expect updates in early 2019. If the game’s sinister gameplay catches your fancy, you can add it to your Steam wishlist.

SOURCE: Press Release