Celeste DLC Isn’t Ready For 1-Year Anniversary

The Extra Content Will Miss the Game’s First Birthday

Matt Thorston is making special “thank-you” in the form of Celeste DLC – however he has now said it wont be ready in time for the games anniversary on January 25th.

The DLC will be free on all platforms, and Thorston has promised new items and game mechanics, but strawberries will be absent. He’s also said that the levels are “after the current hardest levels in difficulty” and will be one continuous chapters with no B-Side option.

While no date has been set for the DLC – now is the perfect time to pick up Celeste before the extra content drops. Xbox One Gold Subscribers can actually get the game for free via the Games with Gold program this month. I highly encourage everyone to grab Celeste either way. You can also check out Anthony’s review of the game right now.

Celeste is available digitally on all platforms.