The Amount of ‘Anthem’ Content May Rival Previous BioWare Games

“There’s a Lot of Side Missions”

We’re pretty close to the launch of Anthem, and, unsurprisingly, we’re still plagued by questions. Chief among them is the length of the game. While the developer has a history of long storylines with fully fleshed out characters and arcs, Anthem is a different beast. Hence, BioWare’s Ben Irving and Mike Gamble tried to explain the content over on Twitter. Tried.

Anthem 1

On Twitter, a fan asked about the amount of content and whether Anthem’s length can compare to BioWare’s previous titles. Namely, Mass Effect and Dragon Age give the new shared-world service a lot to live up to. However, according to Irving, the IPs can’t be compared for various reasons, the most obvious being that Anthem was developed with co-op in mind.

Likewise, Gamble couldn’t really pin down the time required to complete the experience. “There’s a lot of side missions, but some folks will just want to rush the main story and then hit strongholds,” as he put it. To sum up, the story is there but players can move through it at their own pace. Anthem may be more akin to a playground than any previous BioWare game, but if we take Gamble and Irving’s info at face value, content could be substantial.

Just as importantly, Gamble stressed that players can expect their fair share of post-launch content. Remember, there’s no season pass.  Expect Anthem to launch on February 22nd for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Expect a demo to arrive near the end of this month.

SOURCE: GamingBolt