A New Just Cause 4 Patch to (Hopefully) Reduce Crashing

Breaking stuff is the name of the game

The Just Cause franchise is famous for the amount of mindless destruction it provides. However, because of the last two titles, it has become rather infamous for something else. The game gives players all the mayhem and chaos they can handle, unfortunately Just Cause 4 can handle a lot less than the average player. Square Enix recently addressed some of the gargantuan issues with a Just Cause 4 patch.

just cause 4 screen 3

Earning the nickname Just Crash, the game takes breaking things to a whole new level, a very meta level to precise. The game crashes very reliably. When it is running, Just Cause 4 also has very noticeable texture pops. These issues have left Just Cause 4 with a cubic buttload of negative reviews online. If you want more detail on the technical shortcomings, be sure to check out Haley’s review on our site.

So, about the patch itself…

In the link above, Square Enix outlines the Just Cause 4 patch with notes on exactly what has been addressed. The short answer: not quite enough. The PC patch mainly focused on the stability fixes, as well as improving keyboard and mouse control. This includes remapping keys, vehicle control, mouse sensitivity, and menu navigation. Meanwhile, on the Xbox One and PS4 versions, motion blur and resolution were heavy focuses. Details on motion blur included altering the amount of motion blur, and the option to toggle it on or off.

The patch notes were also prefaced with a plea that “If the fix you are after is not in the list below please bear with us and we will update you ASAP”, which I believe translates to “this game is not fixed yet”. This is reinforced by almost immediate reports of continued crashing following the Just Cause 4 patch. So, who has two thumbs and was not surprised by Just Cause 4’s initial performance? Anyone who has played or seen gameplay of Just Cause 3.

What has your experience been with the Just Cause series? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PCGamer