Last Year: The Nightmare Launches on December 18th

Last Year: The Nightmare Will Launch on the PC First

The multiplayer horror game Last Year: The Nightmare will come out on December 18th on Discord’s online store, according to an official announcement today.

Last Year: The Nightmare

This six-player multiplayer game involves five players taking on the role of teenagers while the sixth player plays as a mysterious band of killers. The teens have to complete objectives that’ll lead them to victory and the killers have to take out them out before they succeed.

According to a press release for Last Year: The Nightmare, the game will have timely content updates.

Here’s the rest of the premise:

“Halloween night. 1996. A group of teenagers awake to find themselves trapped in a dark, twisted reflection of their sleepy hometown of Forest Hills. As they make their way across the East Side High School campus, they realize they are being hunted by a supernatural force taking the forms of fearsome killers. Relentlessly pursued, the teens must band together to fight back, survive, and escape the terrifying anomaly they have come to know as The Nightmare.”

Last Year: The Nightmare will cost $29.99 and will launch on consoles sometime in 2019.

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SOURCE: Press release