Kojima Might Have Teased a 2019 Release for Death Stranding

2019: the Year of the Whale

No one knows when Death Stranding will arrive, or what it is about, aside from Hideo Kojima. While we’ve eagerly awaited concrete news about the world of water, the legendary dev has been hard at work. Now, he’s hinted at a 2019 release for the cryptic IP.

Death Stranding Top Screen

In Weekly Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine, a number of developers left a final message for the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, Kojima parted with a possible cipher. “Is 2019 the year of the Whale?” the message reads. “Please look forward to Death Stranding!”

If you’ve followed along with Death Stranding news and news related to Kojima Productions, you’ll know that whales have become synonymous with the game. Heck, the whole thing is a vague reference to the cetacean stranding phenomena. But in case anyone was confused, no, 2019 is not actually the “year of the whale.” If Kojima does release his long-anticipated project, however, then it might become so. On the flip side, Kojima’s question may not be rhetorical; he might not know if the game will be ready. Here’s to hoping for a stellar new year.

Last we heard, Death Stranding is going to be one heck of an online game. Single-player junkies might be a bit disappointed by the news, but we should wait to hear more. We already knew the game starring Norman Reedus would have online elements. As of yet, it’s hard to say what that means. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Twinfinite