Death Stranding Reportedly An Amazing Online Game

Weird Flex For a Single Player Experience But Sure

Sometimes the news about Death Stranding is pretty baffling. Okay, more baffling than usual. F. Paul Wilson, a prominent sci-fi and horror author, referred to the game as a “transformative online experience” after a meeting with Hideo Kojima.

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Praise for the game is good, but isn’t this supposed to be a single player thing? If so, where does the online part fit in? And how on earth does it manage to be “transformative?” Hopefully this is merely a failure of imagination on my part. Perhaps this will be an asynchronous multiplayer situation. Or maybe Kojima will let strangers play monsters or re-write the physics engine or something. The sky’s the limit!

Although honestly, Kojima and pals could come out and say anything about the game at this point. There’s no possible plot point or synopsis that could make the Death Stranding any weirder. Even dream sequences, mini-games and mascots would be lateral moves at this point in terms of weirdness. Which is fine! I’m fraught with curiousity regardless. I can’t wait to see what kind of game Kojima has been cooking up this whole time, whether it’s amazing or deeply problematic.