Respawn Job Listing Looks Like a Call for Titanfall 3 Devs

Titans Need Builders

Developer Respawn Entertainment has been quiet since E3 2018, but it was during the expo they revealed they’re working on a Star Wars game called Jedi: Fallen Order. The most important detail is that players can wield a lightsaber. The second most important detail is that the game is scheduled to arrive in 2019. Where does that leave Titanfall 3? Wherever it’s left, a recent job listing confirms that it’s in the works.

Titanfall 2 Top Screen

New job positions on the Respawn website indicates that the studio is looking to expand. Specifically, they have several listings for a Titanfall-related project. Among them, there’s Senior Technical Animator and Senior Network Engineer. Since the studio is currently focused on the Star Wars project, Titanfall 3’s lack of onboard team members makes sense. Hence, the group over in Chatsworth, California is recruiting.

After the mass exodus from Infinity Ward, Respawn formed and developed an Xbox One exclusive out of Titanfall. Though it sold relatively well, its exclusivity and lack of a campaign may have hindered its potential. The improved Titanfall 2 launched on all platforms but found itself wedged between two major releases, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Afterward, Electronic Arts purchased the studio and the property for more than $400 million in cash and stock. Therefore, despite selling below expectations, it’s no wonder there’s a plan to move forward with the franchise via a third installment.

In all likelihood, we won’t see Titanfall 3 earlier than 2020. Stay tuned for related updates on Respawn’s shooter and Jedi: Fallen Order as we transition to 2019.

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SOURCE: GearNuke