Hackers Have Style – Homebrew Switch Themes Are Now a Thing

With No Word on Official Switch Themes – Some Hackers Are Filling the Gap

Nestled in the Switch options menu is a word I personally love to see – Themes. Customizing your console to make it a little bit more “yours” is something that brings me a lot of joy – so what’s with the lack of official Switch themes almost two years into the consoles lifespan? Nintendo has been mum on the topic, with the Switch only coming with “Light” and “Dark” themes, while themes on the 3DS aren’t exactly thriving they do exist and get regular updates.

Depending on your feelings on Homebrew hacking, there may be a solution if you’re looking to jazz up your regular home menu. Folks in the Homebrew community have started making their own themes. While we don’t condone hacking or pirating, there are some really neat themes coming out of the community!

While there is an abundance of themes focusing on Nintendo Properties such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, there is no shortage of third party properties and more artistic Switch themes being shared around as well. The image above shows a pretty basic idea, but there are themes out there that even swap the location of your menu icons, making for an extremely unique look.

Nintendo is notorious for shutting down pirates and homebrew, so it’ll will be interesting to see how long this lasts and if it lights the fire for Nintendo to start releasing their own themes.

I’m a huge fan of console personalization – so if you have any photos of your console themes (homebrew or not!) share them with me below!