Dragon Quest XI S Coming to Switch in Japan During 2019

Dragon Quest XI S Is Releasing Next Year

Square Enix just released the first trailer for Dragon Quest XI S, which is releasing on Switch in Japan sometime in 2019. As of now, it’s unclear whether the release will make it outside of Japan, but Square Enix said they’re going to release more details about the game during a live stream in January.

dragon quest xi hero

Just as the North American release received the addition of voice-overs, Dragon Quest XI S features Japanese-language voiceovers. [SPOILER] In addition, players will be allowed to choose their bride after the game ends, or choose to live with one of two male characters, Hendrik or Erik.


Dragon Quest XI producer Hokuto Okamoto previously spoke about the process of creating the North American voice-overs.

“Once we decided to implement voiceovers and give every character a distinct dialect or accent, it created a stronger sense of regionality within the world,” he said. “In order to fit those region-specific character undertones, we occasionally decided to change the names of the characters. It brought this new perspective and new thought process to providing names to these characters. We decided that that would probably be the best in terms of the overall world.”