Playstation Classic Includes PAL Versions

Nine of Them To Be Precise

Sony released an FAQ this week going into slightly more detail about the Playstation Classic. Among the answers provided was the revelation that nine of the included games will be PAL versions instead of their North American counterparts. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference, this generally means a lower framerate for these games.

Playstation Classic

They have yet to give any reasons why they made this decision. Although based on the immediate fan reaction, they probably should. It sounds like a lot of people will be cancelling their pre-orders over this. Indeed, this is something of a baffling move on Sony’s part.

Some of the affected games will be seriously changed by this altered framerate. Tekken 3 and Battle Arena Toshinden for example. These are titles that require fairly precise inputs. This will be quite difficult to manage with a choppier framerate. Worse yet, this news comes scarcely a week before the console is released. Although I have my suspicions as to why this happened (Playstation games are notoriously difficult to properly emulate), it’s too late to do anything about the blowback that’s definitely happening. At least it won’t be hard to find one of these retro consoles in stores after this.