Blizzard Apologizes After South Korean Streamer Wears Blackface In Overwatch Stream

Blizzard Apologizes for South Korean Overwatch Streamer Who Wore Blackface

During a recent stream on the official Blizzard Twitch channel a South Korean content creator decided to show off some Overwatch cosplay, choosing Doomfist as his character of choice. Unfortunately he decided to do this in the form of wearing blackface. Since the public outcry amongst fans Blizzard was quick to issue an apology.

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In an Overwatch cosplay segment on the official Blizzard Twitch Channel yesterday South Korean content creator Kim “Binbon” Jin Young applied makeup in order to assume the role of African Overwatch hero Doomfist. Fans all around the world were appalled by this behaviour noting that Kim’s cosplay was considered blackface. If you’re unclear on what blackface is, it is the darkening of one’s skin, a practice which was originally used as a way for non-black performers to imitate black people. Though blackface is something now widely frowned upon that hasn’t stopped some, like Kim, from taking part in the practice. You can see a screenshot from the stream below, courtesy of an outraged Twitter user.

As this occurred on Blizzard’s official Twitch channel, fans on social media have criticised the developer for this entire segment. Now Blizzard has issued an official statement about the incident on the official Korean stream. A Blizzard representative told Dot Esports the following, “What happened on the official Korean stream was inappropriate and clearly not in keeping with the global spirit of Overwatch. We apologize for the insensitivity, and we are taking measures to ensure that everyone involved in official broadcasts in the region is better aware of the offensive nature of blackface makeup around the world.”

This comes just days after the developer was criticized over their lack of a black female character within Overwatch, despite a relatively diverse hero lineup. What do you think about what happened during the stream? Do you believe that Blizzard is at fault for Kim’s actions? Should they have better screened the content before it came out to the worldwide web? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!