Half-Life 1 Remake’s Xen Level Arriving in 2019

The Long-Awaited Finale Might Finally Come Out

The final level of the 2012 Half-Life 1 remake, Black Mesa, is currently scheduled to come out on Steam in Q2 2019, according to an official Monday update about the game.

“Our goal is to release Xen on Steam in Q2 2019,” the update read. “This will allow us to finish Xen to a place where the entire product is stable, smooth, and most importantly…fun! We are already happy with the design state of Xen as it stands currently: almost everything is design locked and functioning as intended. We are going to be using the remaining time between now and launch to bring it up to our art and polish standards.”

According to the update, playtests for the Xen level of Black Mesa show that this part of the game will “take roughly 6 hours to complete” and that playtime will be longer for players who explore Xen.

“The levels and design for Xen are largely original work (with cues taken from Half-Life), rather than just simply a remake of Xen,” the update explained.

“We are extremely proud of what we have created, and will be showing off some of our deep graphics and NPC changes later in December, as well as a breakdown of where each of the chapters stand,” the update also read.

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