New Update for Call of Duty BO4 Ups the Blackout Player Count

Brace Yourself for 100-Player Duos

Treyarch has released a new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that promises a tweak to the Blackout experience. It has only been a week, but the devs have implemented some worthwhile fixes and are upping the player count.

Call of Duty black ops 4

Now that Treyarch has had time to observe Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s performance in the wild, they’re free to improve. As the team wrote on Reddit, “We’re switching things up a bit today. While we test out different maximum player counts in Quads, we’re boosting Duos from 88 to 100 per match on all platforms. Let us know how hunting down an extra dozen targets out there feels in Duos.”

Here’s an overview of what’s changed.


  • 100-Player Duos
    • 100-Players Duos is now the Featured playlist for Blackout.
  • 88-Player Quads
    • Quads playlist is now 88 maximum players. We’re continuing to update various game settings to ensure the best experience for all players across all platforms and modes.


  • Playlist Updates
    • TDM playlist now supports parties of 6 (was previously 5).
    • Featured playlist changed to Heist.
  • Custom Games
    • Custom Search and Destroy games will now correctly conclude after one team wins 6 rounds total, fixing an issue where custom games previously ended at round 7.

Of course, you can’t have a better game that’s not properly running, which is why some fixes have been implemented.

  • Fixed a crash occurring during initial boot of the game for some users.
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a Blackout match.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when multiple windows were broken simultaneously in a Blackout match.
  • Fixed a crash when browsing unlockable Items.
  • Fixed crashes occurring when changing texture quality.
  • Improved handling of “Out of Memory” errors.

The fact that Blackout is improving (maybe, we’ll wait and see), says a lot about a game our review has already praised to hell and back. Anyone can experience it now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For a deeper look at gameplay, you can check out our footage of Team Deathmatch or Zombies.

Happy gaming.