Team Sonic Racing Delayed Till Next Year

Sega Taking Their Time With This One

Sega announced on Twitter yesterday that Team Sonic Racing won’t be out until the Spring of 2019. This is both an awful shame and a hopeful sign, all in one. Better to be ready than rushed, you know?

Team Sonic Racing

According to the post, the new release date will be May 21, 2019. I played a bit of this one back at E3 and I… sort of get the delay? The level we messed with was fine, but it didn’t feel fast or frantic enough for my tastes. Of course, Sonic has always had a weirdly complicated relationship with speed. Yes he’s gotta go fast, but not all the time, somehow.

For anyone bummed out about the delay, cast your mind back to the dark old days of 2006. That was an era when Sonic games weren’t delayed for any reason whatsoever, and the results were always obvious. Games like Sonic ’06, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic and the Black Knight all probably could have used a delay or two. Let’s look on this altered release date as an opportunity for a good thing to get better, instead of an okay thing with stunted, unfinished legs. Oh, and Sonic Boom. Should have delayed that one too, for sure.