Steam Removed Bunch of ‘Trolling’ Games Last Month

Not Quite Anything Goes, Apparently

Steam is in the midst of a purge of sorts. Any games that fail to meet their standards, including those games that are considered ‘outright trolling,’ are being removed. In fact, Steam removed over 170 of these games from the store in the last two weeks.

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There were a few games with the word ‘Hentai’ in the title, as well as a bunch of Achievement Hunter games. Other notable titles include¬†Boobs Battleground, Logan vs KSI, Putin Boobs and Trump, Rich Life Simulator VR, Bitcoin Highway, MILF and Make Border Great Again. A lot of these sound like they were barely even games, though I’m sure Putin Boobs and Trump was a well-constructed look at today’s complex political landscape.

Steam’s definition of a ‘trolling’ game is a bit complex. According to Valve, “We get as much context around the creation and creator of the game and then make an assessment. A trend we’re seeing is that we often ban these people from Steam altogether instead of cherry-picking through their individual game submissions.” If it looks like these people are just trying to cash in as cheaply as possible, then they’re booted off the platform. It seems obfuscated, but a look at the titles listed above somehow gives me a clear idea of what sort of games they’re targeting. Here’s hoping their efforts will lead to a storefront with a little more quality on display.