Whole Lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 Searches on YouPorn

RDR2 Searches Went Up Over 800% On Game’s Launch Day

There are many ways to know you’ve made it big. One of those ways is seeing millions of people look for porn featuring your work. Established sex library YouPorn saw an 857% increase in Red Dead Redemption 2 searches on their site the day the game launched. That’s… an awful lot of brand new cowboy enthusiasts.

Red Dead Redemption 2 YouPorn

While this is great news for YouPorn, one does wonder why on earth these searches are spiking so high so fast. True, you can’t get up to much cowboy boning in Red Dead 2. Rockstar’s quest for ultimate realism thankfully leaves out any clumsy simulated sex scenes. You can get a helping hand during an especially high-class bath, but that’s pretty much it.

Perhaps people are so addicted to Red Dead 2 in all its glory that they need even their porn to be flavored like the old west. Are these same people wearing cowboy hats to their day jobs? Have any of them traded in their cars for horses? Have we seen a rise in murders committed using enormous six shooters? Or are people just really, delightfully, gross? You’d think the spike in search traffic would have come later, once people could tear themselves away from the game.